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Discussion: Why I Don’t Like To Buy eBooks


Most people these days buy eBooks and they’re pretty easy to read. I mean you can buy e-reader or even read them in your phone or tablet. I read some eBooks too but why don’t I want to pay for them?There are of course some benefits with preferring eBooks over physical books.

  • You don’t need to carry one or even more physical books with you all the time
  • You don’t have to decide what you’ll read when you leave the house
  • You don’t have to order and wait for the next book to arrive. You just need to buy it online and start reading!
  • They can be cheaper.

#1 They can be as expensive as physical books

I just don’t want to pay for books I’m reading on my phone or tablet. Let’s not even mention if we want to buy e-Reader. Isn’t that alone like 100 €? I’m OK with reading them when you get them for free but I just can’t make myself pay for them.

#2 They can make your eyes hurt

I don’t know about you guys but when I read eBooks too long my eyes and even my head starts to hurt. Is it really worth it?

#3 I love the feel of physical books

You know that feeling when you get a new book and you can pet it? Some people even like smelling them. I love that feeling. Then the feeling when you can put it in your bookshelf and just admire that? How about the feeling when people come over and see your massive personal library? I can’t get any of those feelings by reading eBooks.

#4 It’s easier to loose where you left off

This hasn’t happened to me for awhile but sometimes while reading an eBook I loose the part where I left off! Unlike with physical books you can’t stick a bookmark in the middle, instead you have to trust that your smart device knows where you left off.

#5 They eat your battery

I don’t know about you guys but I already feel like I have to charge my phone at least twice a day even without using it to reading eBooks. I don’t have to worry about charging physical books. Instead I can just read until I no longer feel like reading, or need to do some adulting.

What do you guys feel about eBooks? Do you prefer them over physical books or not?

20 thoughts on “Discussion: Why I Don’t Like To Buy eBooks

  1. Very informative post you have here darling. I actually have the kindle e reader (not the fire tablet) but I like the e ink because its easy on my eyes and reads like printed paper. And the kindle I have, The voyage, it will last about a week or so before I have to charge it depending on how much I have the wifi on it. But without the wifi it will sometimes last 2 weeks. So I don’t have the problem, which I got the kindle e reader because I didn’t like reading on my phone or my tablet. However I will only buy e books if its way cheaper. Sometimes a ebook of a title I want will be five or six dollars cheaper and then I will do it. however if its more than a few dollars, I will buy it printed. E books are very accessible, you can read them anytime anywhere which is nice. But I love the experience of reading printed books. So I do both equally. I think there are pros and cons to both. It just depends on your preference, and neither of them is wrong.

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  2. I personally love ebooks but I can see where you’re coming from, I’ll never spend over £5 on an e book I’ll only get it if it’s significantly cheaper than the physical book, I also don’t find that it ever kills my battery because I read on the mode where the text is white and the page is black so it isn’t as bright + also won’t make my eyes hurt. I will still always prefer physical books to ebooks though, love your post ❤️

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  3. Literally same. I don’t buy eBooks because I could have used that money to buy a physical book, plus I read a lot slower on eBooks. I’d rather read a physical book, be able to smell it, pet it, admire it on my shelves xD

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  4. Apart from me being a blogger, I’m a reader and an author. I have to be honest I try and find all the books I want to read as ebooks for two main reasons. I’m a busy person and my computer can read me the book while I work. I have something called Cerebral Palsy can be painful.

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  5. I love physical books but due to hand complications it’s way easier for me to carry around my Kindle/phone and read on there.
    My eyes definitely get sore from reading on the screen all the time. Low brightness works 👍especially if you’re reading in bed late and you don’t want your parents to see your light 😁
    So I do prefer ebooks over physical books, mostly for easier access and lighter than physical books.

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  6. Three of those problems (eyes hurting, battery draining and not finding your place) can definitely be avoided if you buy an ebook reader. My Kindle (the original version) is anti-glare which means it feels like you’re reading from a piece of paper, and does not hurt my eyes at all. Plus, you can always highlight words or sentences to mark where you are, or to mark a quote you like.
    (Can you tell that I love ebooks? Cause I really do love them :D)

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  7. I honestly have no preference over the medium in which I read my books so long as I get to read them. Of course, there are pros and cons for ebooks, prints and audiobooks which make either one appealing 😄

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  8. I used to be an absolute ebook hater, but over time I have grown to appreciate them. That said, I don’t have an e-reader, but I don’t think ill of those who do. E-books have their place. But for me personally, I love traditional books. I love the feel of the pages. I love how they are much more earthy. I love my own personal library with a little over five hundred books on the shelves, some of them going back to the 1700 and 1800s, I kid you not (thank goodness for Ebay and other used book sites). I love the different shapes and sizes they come in. I love their art. I love having something that isn’t on a computer screen.

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