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July Wrap Up


Hello, fellow book lovers! It’s time to go through some of the things that happened this month.

Unfortunately I didn’t buy any books this month.




Top 5 Wednesday:



I Heart Characters:

Other Things:


  • The Worst Witch Season 2
  • Friends s1-3
  • Good Girls 101 – 105
  • The Royals Season 4
  • Scrubs 101-105
  • Parenthood 101

Less than a month until school start *insert cry face*. I’m not ready to say goodbye to my holiday yet. I have so many books to read.

I wrote one chapter to my fanfiction and it was twice as long as my usual chapter but after that I haven’t really had any motivation. But that’s something at least.

I bought some watercolors so I made few bookmarks. I used to just print some bookmarks but I think I like painting them instead. I suck at drawing, so these give me a chance to be ‘artistic’.


I have discord, so you would think that I play a lot of games but you couldn’t be more wrong but I download a game this month that I spend hours playing. It was this storytelling game where you make choices, so it was kinda like reading a book.


I can’t believe that my goddaughter already had her first birthday! It was pretty funny (and sad) though because we were spending Minea’s birthday but she couldn’t have any of the good stuff we were eating, like cheesecake. I absolutely love the cheesecake my sister does.


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