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I Heart Characters #1; Tsundere Hot-n-Cold Lover


“I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love.”

My first The I Heart Characters topic is “Tsundere Hot-n-Cold Lover” which is a manga/anime term, but can be applied to any character who is strong-willed but melts inside when faced with the ONE.

There are few characters that come into mind but I went with Klaus Mikaelson. We even got a flashback in season 2 where Klaus even says: “Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness and we are not weak.”

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He’s not even my favorite villain but I absolutely love him. How could I not?

Klaus was first mentioned in the beginning of season two in The Vampire Diaries but we didn’t see him until the end of the season. He’s a 1000- years old vampire who wanted to break his curse by killing the doppelganger, a vampire and a werewolf.

Klaus has done many, many horrible things in his long life, like killing his parents (I totally understand why though), daggering his siblings who knows how many times, killing, compelling and torturing people etc.

Klaus meets Caroline when he wants to turn her boyfriend into a hybrid, like him. We don’t see them interacting much because Caroline is busy taking care of Tyler. Not only did Klaus did that to her boyfriend, her best friend is the doppelganger and Caroline herself was meant to be sacrificed in his curse breaking ritual! It doesn’t help that her friends want nothing more than kill Klaus and his siblings.

And then Klaus saves Caroline from the werewolf bites (granted it was his fault) and gives her that big speech about art and music, making Caroline want to live. We didn’t even know Klaus had feelings besides making more hybrids and for his family. That’s not the only time we see Klaus saving Caroline.

Klaus himself says in season four that he did everything for Caroline. I don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t do for her: “I’ve shown kindness, forgiveness, pity…because of you,CarolineIt was all for you”

Unfortunately while Klaus might confess that he has a thing for Caroline, she can’t. How could she with all the bad things he did to her friends? But we all know they will get their happy ending, especially with Klaus’ promise to Caroline, to be her last love.

Klaus loves his daughter but I don’t think he loves any woman the way he loves Caroline. He’d danger even his siblings for her.

Any Character(s) you consider Tsundere Hot-n-Cold Lover?

14 thoughts on “I Heart Characters #1; Tsundere Hot-n-Cold Lover

  1. JAMSU! Welcome to the I Heart Characters! Meme!! I LOVE the fact your first post was for a television show!! I love all the things that were brought into the Vampire Diaries like the hybrid and the twisted relationships…so I’m glad you chose Klaus! He is definitely a hot-n-cold lover who can’t seem to make up his mind how he wants to blow… ❤ GAH! We love so many of the same things… its very nice to meet you, Jamsu.

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  2. oh this meme sounds like a ton of fun darling. I do like those strong characters. There are so many of those that I see that are like this. Probably one of my favorite heroes, Sebastian, St. Vincent is a bit of rake (okay he is one its very obvious) but then he meets the heroine Evie, who is gentle and kind and yeah once he gets the love bite he is all soft and he changes in so many positive ways.

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    1. I love Katherine and Caroline! I kinda wish i stopped watching in s5 too. That season was only good thanks to Katherine and Silas. Season six was good because of Kai (my favorite tvd villain!) and season seven was just horrible. i’m never planning on watching season 8.


  3. Great post! Participating in this meme is always a lot of fun 😍 And omg Klaus, he is perfect for the prompt! It has been a while since I watched TVD (I haven’t even started watching the Originals) but I remember being super intrigued by his character!

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    1. I like him a lot more in the vampire diaries! I kinda wish I stopped watching TVD earlier too and I only watched The Originals for the Mikaelsons. I can’t wait to see s5 though because of Klaroline!

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