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Top 3 Gay Ships

It’s a pride month so I thought I’d make a list of  my top three gay ships.

Magnus and Alec (The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters)

“As of yesterday, my son became engaged to be married to his partner, Magnus Bane—”

Let’s talk about my first gay ship ever. The Mortal Instruments was one of the first book series that got me into reading and they were just so cute. I liked book! Malec but it’s not as close to my heart as Tv!Malec. The books just didn’t give me enough content about them.

In the books Alec wanted to keep Magnus as a secret and then kept getting jealous of Magnus’ past relationships. In the show one of the fellow shadowhunter even came out because of Malec. I wouldn’t mind them adopting kids like in the books though!

I’m still not over the end of City Of Lost Souls. They got back together of course but this was so much more painful than anything Jace and Clary went through. It was worth it though because they came stronger than ever and Alec stopped blaming him for his past relationships and worrying about his immortality.

I hope Netflix somehow picks this show up because I need more Malec in my life. In the show Magnus is a warlock and without him Alec might’ve never come out. Alec was even going to marry Lydia to make his family happy but then Magnus arrived to his wedding and instead decided to do what made himself happy.

They worry each other so much and Magnus even gave up his powers to save Alec’s parabatai. Is it too much to ask that they’d move in together in 3B before the show ends?

Simon and Baz (Simon Snow)

“You were the sun, and I was crashing”

I wasn’t going to read Carry On because I didn’t really enjoy the fanfiction in Fangirl and didn’t think I would like a whole book about it. Another reason I thought I wasn’t going to like it was because many people compared it to Harry Potter. Many people love, love, love HP but sadly I’m not one of them and I still haven’t finished book four. But boy was I wrong because I finished it in like a day and a half.

I’m glad I read this one though and I can’t wait to read book two in 2020. I’m so ready to get more Snowbaz! Usually I would be worried about sequel because too many of my ships have been messed up with lately, like Spuffy and Karamel. I trust in Rowell not to ruin these two.

I just love enemies to lovers trope so much. Simon is a chosen one and Baz a vampire and they’re roommates. Simons always thought that Baz was up no good and Baz likes to get him worked up. Baz even liked to flirt with his girlfriend just to get him mad. It was nice that this wasn’t a case of insta love (don’t get me wrong some of those are the best) and Simon slowly got over his ex- girlfriend and noticed his feelings towards Baz.

Simon and Blue (Simon Vs. Homosapiens Agenda)

“I was going to ask you to see a movie,” he says, smiling. When he smiles, I smile. “No movies. I hate movies.” “Oh, really?” “Really, really. Why would I want to watch other people kissing,” I say, “when I could be kissing you?”

I don’t read a lot of contemporary books and when I do they’re usually ones with smut but I love this one. I finished this book in few hours with my friend. Simon and Blue are the definition of cute.

Simon and Blue are both gays in a closet. They find each other in Tumblr and start sending messages each other. Slowly they start falling in love and Simon wants to find who Blue is. Simon knows that they go the same school so he starts wondering: “Is he blue? How about him?”

The movie was good and disappointing at the same time, so let’s just not talk about it.

Let me know what are some of your favorite lgbt+ ships.

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